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30 Day Shred / 30 lbs / 30 Something Birthday Challenge

Posted on: March 6, 2013

It’s just one of those freaking days… I’ve been procrastinating writing on this little ole’ blog and I said to myself ‘Girl, get outta your shell and just write from your heart’. So guess what I did? And it was pretty damn good! And then guess what happened? I freaking erased it!! Like literally I was sitting here for almost 2 hours perfecting my post and it was awesome. Bam! I hit the wrong freaking button and it all disappeared into thin air and it’s freaking gone. Sigh…

So with that said, this post is not going to be all touchy feely or from the heart because I am drained emotionally from my last post and I just don’t have the energy to write that up again. Don’t worry, I will get to it later on this week, but I think it’s a sign to take a deep breath and focus on fluff topics for the moment.

Speaking of ‘fluff’, I have a lot of it and it needs to go. Fast. So what did I do? I turned to that crazy biatch, Jillian Michaels. And I honestly think she might be trying to kill me. I did the 30 Day Shred this morning and holy balls she kicked my butt! This is my 1st offical day getting back into the 30 Day Shred Challenge and OMG I am outta shape. It’s bad. Like really bad. How did I ever let myself get to this point?! Sure, I lost 80lbs back in the day like a million years ago and then had a healthy pregnancy a few years later and immediately lost all the pregnancy weight (thank you breasfeeding!), but over the past couple years the weight slowly crept on and instead of acting on it, I just ignored it and let it continue to go up. Well no more. This Mama is getting serious this time around and there’s no turning back.

The 30lbs lost by my 30-Something Birthday challenge is on! That gives me about 5 months and it’s totally feasible. Who’s with me?


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