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Run the Rainbow, Eat the Rainbow: Review and Giveaway

Posted on: April 17, 2013


This spring, ChopChop Magazine, The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families, and Boston-based New Balance, have teamed up to promote the benefits of “the rainbow” through their “Run the Rainbow, Eat the Rainbow” contest. In celebration of healthy kids and New Balance’s brand-new 890 Rainbow shoe, ChopChop and New Balance invites all of you to enter the contest for chance to win a monthly prize pack, including a pair of Rainbow shoes, a one-year subscription to ChopChop, and a grand prize of a $400 gift card to a local grocery store. Visit http://www.newbalance.com/rainbow to enter! The contest is live now and will run through May (entrants must be 18 years or older).
About the Campaign:
“Eat the rainbow” helps kids get in the habit of eating a balanced palette of fruits and veggies —and, because different colors are associated with different nutrients, it is an easy way to color your world healthy. What better way to eat multiple colors than with a rainbow fruit kabob? Here is a simple and great-tasting recipe for Rainbow Kabobs!
· KITCHEN GEAR: Sharp knife (adult needed), Cutting board, Bamboo skewers
· INGREDIENTS: Purple grapes, Blueberries, Kiwis, peeled and cut into chunks, Pineapple chunks, Cantaloupe chunks, Raspberries
· INSTRUCTIONS: 1. For each kabob, thread the fruit onto a skewer in rainbow order
Kids will also have a chance to “run the rainbow” in the colorful brand-new 890v3 Rainbow shoe by New Balance. These stylish sneakers feature synthetic/mesh upper, offering lightweight comfort and support with solid rubber outsole to provide long-wearing durability for active kids.
Now that all that’s outta the way, guess what?! Isabella was gifted with a pair of these freaking AWESOME sneakers!!!! Seriously, you all know we’re a New Balance family (hellooooo, they are Boston based so we have to keep it loyal, right?!) so can you imagine my excitement when she received a pair of these hot sneakers?! And wanna know the best part? Little Miss Fashionista is absolutely in love w/ her cool sneakers too. She refuses to even take them off — no matter what color outfit / dress she’s wearing she insists on sporting them, ha ha. Yes, they are a little bright, but after the depressing and freezing winter we’ve had they are perfect! And she’s convinced they make her run faster and ride her bike better too — she’s just too cute.


Honestly, I wasn’t so sure about the brightness, but after a trip to the Children’s Museum I instantly fell in love with them. My anxiety runs high at crazy crowded places like that, especially when Isabella is climbing around inside that death trap AKA the indoor crawly-thing (what the heck is that called?!) and there’s like soooo many kids. Well thanks to those awesome sneakers I could easily spot her the whole entire time. It seriously helped ease my nerves a little…


And you wouldn’t even believe how many compliments we get on them. Everyone is absolutely in love with her sneakers! We went to the New Balance outlet over the weekend (Mama needs some hot new kicks too!) and the salespeople there were freaking out over them — they looooved them too, lol.

photo (2)

So are you totally jealous of her new sneakers? Well, don’t be because New Balance would like to share this special chance for one of my loyal readers to receive a pair too! AND ChopChop would like to offer you a chance to win a subscription to their magazine too. Awesome, right?! 🙂

Honestly, I hate entering contests that have so many rules and stipulations I am gonna keep it super simple to enter this contest. Just leave a comment below letting me know your child’s sneaker size. And for a 2nd chance to win become a subscriber to Minnie Mama’s blog.

That’s it, totally simple!

Contest Rules: Contest is open to all residents 18+ in the US. All entries must be submitted by Monday, April 29th, 2013

Important Disclosure: All opinions expressed were my own. I did receive complimentary shoes and a magazine subscription, but no cash was received.


16 Responses to "Run the Rainbow, Eat the Rainbow: Review and Giveaway"

Size 2 please, These are so cute!

size 10

My daughter wears a size 10!

Size 2–thanks!

My daughter wears a size 10 shoe.

I subscribed with My Yahoo. Thanks!

I LOVE these. My daughter (3 years old) would need a size 9.

I would love an adult-sized pair of these shoes for me:)
However, there are 3 little girls who live next door to me who are angels and can use a pair of good quality sneakers. I would take a pair in any size you could give me because 1of the 3 of them should definitely be able to wear them at some point! They are aged 2, 4 and 6.

Size 1…so cute!!

Those are perfect for my daughter. I think she’s around 11.5-12

These are adorable! My daughter wears a 10!

adametzb at yahoo dot com

thanks for the simplicity! my daughter wears a size 13 childs

I subscribed to Minnie Mama’s Blog via my Google homepage.

My daughter’s sneaker size is 1.5.

My Child is a size 2!! She would love these shoes!!!

Love these shoes
size 2

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