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Boston Strong

Posted on: April 26, 2013

All week long I’ve been sitting here at this computer screen trying to think of something silly and creative and clever to blog, but nothing comes to mind. The blank screen stares back at me. There is nothing to say. So much has happened to my city over the past week and it’s senseless, tragic, unexplainable, and downright frightening. I am a proud Bostonian who was born and raised here. I always felt safe here and at peace. But then last week happened and everything shifted upside down. What should have been a fun day for everyone as it has been forever, instead turned into a day of horror that will forever be remembered. Hundreds of innocent people were severely hurt and three lost their lives. I left my work in fear for my own life and didn’t return back until 2 days later.

Once I returned back to work more drama happened at the Courthouse right by my work as a bomb threat was called in. Again, I was terrified.

And then just when I thought maybe things would be alright, again fear took over our whole entire city and the surrounding suburbs when we were ordered into lockdown. Hundreds of SWAT team members / Police / FBI swarmed my baby brother’s neighborhood looking for the terrorists who killed a 4th innocent person, a police officer who was on duty trying to protect our community, and these madmen were now on the loose armed and dangerous. We were ordered to stay under lockdown and no one had a clue where / when these crazy terrorists would strike again. It was beyond scary and all I could do was hold my precious beautiful baby girl and give her kisses and hugs. Her little face is so innocent and precious. So trusting. One of the poor victims who was a little boy a few years older than her. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering his poor family must be going through. It’s unbearable and beyond tragic. His little sister also lost a leg during this bomb explosion and his mom was severely injured too. It’s horrific. Those are just examples of one family’s pain, but there are so many more people going through this. There are hundreds of victims from this day…these days…and they will forever live with this pain.

My little girl vaguely knows the situation as I explained there was a bad guy who the police arrested and she is safe. She only knows that much of the story as I needed to give her some reason as to why we were skipping school last Friday and yet couldn’t play outside on a beautiful sunny Spring day. It scares me to think that something awful like this could happen in the world that my baby lives in. I want to protect her forever and keep her safe in my loving arms as I know all parents do. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about the craziness in this world. What is wrong with people? What goes on in a person’s mind to make them want to committ these horrible acts of violence and invasion to other humans?

All throughout Boston everyone is saying “Boston Strong” and I completely agree that we are a strong community and will overcome this together. But honestly, I am Boston Scared too…

That is all that I have for today… I promise my next post will be more uplifting, but today I just needed to get that off my chest.


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