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The Perfect Day

Posted on: May 2, 2013


Back when I was young and carefree AKA not a mama, the definition of a perfect day would’ve been sleeping in late, hitting up the gym, shopping for a bit, lunch out, my fave day spa to relax & be pampered, and then ending the night out on a date w/ the hubby & some bubbly, ha ha. Sounds heavenly even now.

Wanna know what my perfect day is now? Try not to laugh… Getting up wicked early before everyone else so I can jump on the elliptical, a long hot shower w/ enough time to shave my legs, spending the whole day somewhere fun like the Zoo / museum / park w/ my little BFF tantrum free, dinner as a family at one of our fave local restaurants, and then my little BFF being so exhausted that she passes out by 9pm (I can dream, right?!) and catching up on my shows / watching a movie w/ the hubs before passing out too. Funny how things change, isn’t it?

I’m pretty blessed though as all last weekend was almost like my ‘perfect’ day as the weather was beautiful and I spent 24/7 with my precious girl. Of course she didn’t pass out before 11pm and I’m honestly not sure which one of passed out first — I’m guessing me though. But overall it’s been awesome and I am so excited Spring is here as the sunshine just makes everything feel perfect.

Tell me what would your perfect day be like?


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