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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I welcome all feedback and suggestions. I also welcome any inquiries or suggestions relating to product reviews, sponsorship or advertising.

All inquiries can be submitted here under the comments section or you can email me directly at minniemama@ymail.com.


6 Responses to "Contact Me"

Love this blog…just love it….awesome!

Hello. I am the co owner of a brand of hair accesories and Iwe would love a product review.
Please check out my website and if you are interested let me know.
Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

I had a question regarding a potential business idea for parents that need transportation for their kids, due to lack of time or other issues. I would love to get your input as a mom. Do you have an email address?

Hi !

Im interested in a product review, but couldn’t find your email!


Was looking for a product review on your site, but didn’t see an email to contact you.

Hi, my name is Shannon Hegy, I’m a reporter with abc40/Fox6, a local television news station in Springfield, MA. I couldn’t find specifically where in MA your from by looking at your profile, but I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me out with a story I’m working on. I’d like to do a feature on Mom Bloggers, the products you advertise, how companies contact you, what other things you blog about, and how you got into blogging in the first place. We’d also like to hear your opinion on the FCC trying to regulate Mom Blogging. What we’d ultimately like to do is bring a video camera and capture what a day in your life is like. How you balance being a mom, when you have time to blog, etc.

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