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As a busy mom I am always looking for helpful products to make myself, my family’s, and of course my readers’ lives easier or more beneficial. I love to review products for families & children so please feel free to send me your product ideas.

If you have a product that you’d like to me test then please feel free to contact me as I love to learn about new stuff and share it with my readers!  🙂


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I noticed your blog entry about eebee’s adventures. I with eebe’s adventures and wanted to notify you about their upcoming product… Mix&Mash: The First cook-with-your-baby book. I’d love to send you a copy to review on your blog. if interested Ive included some more information below, Let me know


Eebee’s Adventures (www.eebee.com) the award winning, interactive DVD and Book series for children six months and older, will be releasing the FIRST and ONLY cooking-with-your-baby book ever created. Mix & Mash is the first cookbook and DVD with real recipes for baby-friendly, nutritious snacks that babies can make with their parents.

If you can mash it, smash it, oosh it, goosh it, shake it, coat it, or stir it, your child can help! Most cookbooks provide recipes for parents to make meals for their children; however Mix & Mash provides yummy recipes that can open the door for real interactive discoveries and begin building a healthy relationship with food and nutrition from the very beginning of childhood.

Mix & Mash will be on shelves in early November just in time to keep your babies entertained during everyones favorite and delicious Holiday

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