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Our Magical Celebration at Disney on Ice

Posted on: February 14, 2010

Today has absolutely been the best day ever and it’s a day that I know Isabella won’t forget any time soon! I received an opportunity to attend Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate Show at the TD Bank North Garden in Boston, MA so I brought my little princess Isabella, my hubby, and Isabella’s Fairy Godmother.

To say our seats were in a perfect location would be an understatement — they were in the center loge section and 10 rows back from the center ice so we had a PERFECT view of the show. It was awesome!! The whole time Isabella kept saying I need to go help them or I need to go play with them. Everything was need and that’s because she was close to them and wanted any excuse to go hug them!  

The show itself was over the top and exceeded all of my expectations – the costumes, the lighting, the stage props, the ice skating performances, the music. Seriously, everything was amazing! Disney always does everything over the top and this show was no exception!

The theme of the show was celebrations so it started off with a special Birthday party which Isabella adored as she’s obsessed with Birthdays! All of the characters had a Birthday party which followed an Alice in Wonderland theme as it was “Un-Birthdays” when Pinocchio lied about it being his Birthday…poor Pinochio, he needed time out for telling a story, Isabella said. Hee hee.

There was a brief skit with Mickey Mouse and the Fantasia movie — think dancing brooms and Mickey Mouse. It was really cute and the brooms did a great job. I can’t ice skate to save my life so seeing characters dressed up as brooms and dancing / skating around is truly amazing to me!

There was also a Halloween skit which based on the Nightmare Before Christmas which was very cute and definitely appealed to the older kids. My little one honestly wasn’t too interested in this skit as she’s only 2 and unfamiliar with this movie, but her special Minnie Mouse light up twirly wand that her Fairy Godmother bought her kept her happy and amused while she patiently waited for Goofy to come back to the ice. Goofy is after all her all-time favorite. She may only be 2, but she definitely knows what she likes!   🙂

Additional skits included visiting Hawaii where we saw Lilo and Stitch along with ‘David’ from the movie who performed a fire dance which was awesome!! Seeing Lilo and Stitch was definitely another highlight to us as we watch that movie a lot and since it opened up with the song from the movie we were besides ourselves. Remember my earlier post where I mentioned how we play lots of Disney music in my car? Well, Lilo’s soundtrack is one of those songs that’s on constant replay — there’s no place I’d rather be than on a surf board out at sea. Was it painful to read my line of ‘singing’? Well, trust me it was worse for my poor hubby who’s sitting here listening to me sing it while I write this blog. I can’t help it, it’s just stuck in my head!

Anyways, there was several other skits which included Minnie Mouse finding love on Valentine’s Day which was very appropriate considering today is Valentine’s Day. During this act we saw all the Princesses find their true loves and dance with the Princes and Isabella LOVED that as she’s obsessed with the ladies and their pretty dresses. I did notice that Sleeping Beauty wasn’t in this show so maybe she was under the weather today, but it didn’t matter as my little Princess didn’t seem to notice. There was just so much action and other princesses to watch so she was entertained.

AND we saw the brand new Princess Tiana who Isabella freaked out over. Like seriously, she was screaming her name as loud as her little lungs would let her. It was priceless! We haven’t even seen that movie yet, but Isabella knows who she is and she LOVES her. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Tiana as I don’t know too much about her storyline, but her theme was New Orléans based and she skated to really fun catchy music. It was great!

We also saw Minnie visit Japan which was really cute as she was dressed in a full on Kimono and danced / skated with other Japanese girls. It was so cute and fun!

The show’s finale was totally awesome! Mickey and the gang were celebrating Christmas and waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney. Do you know who Santa was? It was GOOFY!!!! Yes, it was my little girl’s idol and she was sooooo excited to see her Goofy Goof (she gave him this nick name, lol) come down the chimney. I am not sure if now she’ll expect Goofy to come to her house next year, but hopefully she will forget by then. Anyways, the season finale was awesome and of course all the characters and princesses came out to skate around and CELEBRATE!

We had an amazing day and made so many memories that I know my little girl will always remember. Right now she is probably dreaming about them as she’s sound asleep clutching her Goofy Goof doll and her light wand, both tight in her hands. This truly was the best Valentine’s Day celebration ever!!! 

It’s school vacation week so if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids & you live in the New England area then I strongly recommend planning a day to attend this show as you will all have a GREAT time!! I’m not gonna lie — I even screamed with delight when Goofy took the stage!  🙂

Thank you very much to Feld Entertainment for providing me with this amazing opportunity!!! We had a fabulous time!!!   🙂


Important Disclosure: I was given four complimentary tickets from Feld Entertainment for my family & I to attend this show. However, I was not given any monetary compensation and this review is based 1o0% on my honest opinion.


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